Teatro interactivo en inglés

Last friday the children in Primary Year 1 & 2 attended an interactive theatre play in English. They enjoyed the play very much, they joined in and sang the songs along with Sophie.

«Sophie is very happy. Today is a special day: she is going to visit her uncle Tom on his farm. She brings a basket full of nice food but when she gets to the farm she finds a note that uncle Tom left asking her to do the jobs on the farm while he is away. So, get the ball rolling!

The flowers need to be watered, the chickens need to be fed, the pigs need to be cleaned, the cows need to be milked, the sheep need to be shorn, the eggs need to be collected…. But what a surprise! They are such special and colourful eggs!! The Easter Bunny is giving them out but needs some help. He knows his mum and dad will be very proud of him when he finishes.»

Mirad, mirad cómo de atentos/as y concentrados/as estaban todos/as!!